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Why Indian Head Massage?

The head has many marmas, or vital energy centres, and is a reflection of the entire body, thus relieving tension and rebalancing from head to toe. Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage (or Shirobhyanga) promotes rejuvenation to the whole being. The practice helps relieve insomnia, headaches and stress related disorders while boosting the immune system. This massage blissfully relaxes and balances mind body and spirit.

Benefits of IHM:

Glynnis Osher

Glynnis Osher

Glynnis is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner accomplished in the art of Indian Head Massage (IHM). She brings a wealth of over 20 years experience in Ayurveda to her Vancouver, BC practice. Glynnis studied Indian Head Massage with Bliss Prema, and deepened her Indian Head Massage training with Narendra Mehta, founder of the London School of Champissage. Glynnis also studied marma (energetic touch) therapy with Dr. Vasant Lad of the Ayurvedic Institute and has created a unique Ayurvedic massage training, incorporating the learnings and best practices of these powerful teachings. Glynnis practices tradition-meets-today Ayurvedic head massage(shiro-abhyanga) using specialized herbal Ayurvedic oils formulated and co-created with Wild Earth Nepal, a women’s fair trade herbal collective in Kathmandu. These oils are authentic infusions created in the Ayurvedic Tibetan cold-infusion tradition. Their therapeutic and aromatic benefits bring an element of ancient wisdom and deeper healing to her sessions and trainings. These exquisite oils and the blissful dance of the Indian Head Massage evoke harmony and enliven the func,on of the five senses, strengthening the immune system, improving the circulatory, muscular and nervous systems as well as energizing the subtle chakra system of the body, mind, and spirit. This transformation, relaxation, and recovery is experienced by giver and recipient alike making the Thousand Petal Lotus Indian Head Massage practice a desired modality in todays complex and demanding world.