Glynnis Osher has a delightfully warm and inviting way of presenting her Indian Head Massage training. Her classes are intimate and her teaching style is fun and encouraging. Glynnis is a warm and funny woman and her language is as sensual as the massage she practices. As her friend and assistant I have had the good fortune to be part of many Indian Head Massage workshops and have seen small groups of strangers really connect and walk away at the end of the second day inspired and blissed out.

Students are paired up to practice on each other and so the weekend becomes a very nourishing and cleansing experience. The power of touch is so strong and so often neglected so the experience of Indian Head Massage is amazing in how it connects us with the same people who we would pass on the street and normally not acknowlege. Glynnis presents the Indian Head Massage theory in a very holistic way and then follows with a beautiful sequence of flowing movements which are practiced over and over again. As one student said while being massaged “I’m so happy, I can’t stand it!”

Whenever I participate I am reminded of how it feels to be centered, and how good it feels to look after myself.

Indian Head Massage training taught by Glynnis Osher is always a weekend of handcrafted natural oils, delicious tea, nourishing nibbles, good company and AMAZING massage!