Glynnis’ depth of presence and energy are completely enveloping and lingering to submerse you into the timeless realm just like magic. She is a warm welcoming presence of pure love and genuine care.

The music played during the session will meet you right where you are and be sure to also assist in melting away any and all stress. The ayurvedic oils are intoxicating and will have you not only smelling like a beautiful flower in full bloom, but feeling like one too!

I’m not usually in the habit of great self-care but after just one session, I knew I had to see Glynnis on a biweekly basis. I remember just before my second session; it was if my hair and follicles were screaming in excited anticipation for our upcoming appointment. The gift that Glynnis delivers as she massages and lifts your scalp… it’s like what you always wanted from your hairstylist but never really got.

If you’re fortunate enough to have an experience with her via a session or her training, it will be time very well spent taking your life and practice to an assured & distinct next level. I can confidently say and recommend Glynnis as literally, the Shaman of Ayurvedic Head Massage. A consistently exquisite experience of her and her gift is time invaluably well spent, you’ll see.