TPL Ayurvedic Head Massage training

The ultimate head massage training to enhance your wellness career, and increase your practice and prosperity as a holistic practitioner, caregiver or healing arts professional.


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Who is this life-changing massage training really for?

You’re a holistically connected heart-centred soul, interested in wellness and the healing arts, excited to take on a new challenge, add to your massage repertoire, offer bliss, serenity and stress relief to others, and diversify your income opportunities.

You’re ready to learn something new that can inspire a refreshed career path, adding more prosperity and grace to your livelihood while raising the vibration and sharing wellbeing in your communities.

 Whether You’re…

  • a massage provider or body worker who wants to incorporate a new modality to add to your wellness toolbox and services while increasing your income.
  • a caregiver who wants to learn new skills to offer additional services and care to clients while adding more personal earning potential.
  • a hairstylist or salon owner who wants to diversify income and build a more loyal and repeat customer base by offering additional unique and aligned wellness services.
  • a caring soul who feels called to offer comfort and wellbeing to close community and relaxing head massage sessions to friends and family to nurture them during challenging times.
  • a light-worker who wants to deepen your spiritual practice through these wisdom arts and raise the vibration on the planet.
  • a total newbie to massage and the healing arts, excited to learn a new skill and a wellness practice to lift up others.
You’re exactly in the right place.  I’m going to tell you how you have found the perfectly beautiful training for you and how Thousand Petal Lotus Ayurvedic Head Massage will give you the tools, inspiration, unmatched support, and enhanced income on your life-changing wellness journey.


In this exquisite online training, you’ll go from feeling limited in your practice or stuck in your skills, to feeling inspired and confident in giving a full one hour Ayurvedic Head Massage to clients, partners, and friends. Within 2-6 weeks, experience the benefits of offering this healing modality steeped in the wisdom of Ayurveda, to enhance your income, and bring wellbeing to yourself and others.


In our weekend training workshops, you’ll learn directly from Glynnis while you learn the entire AHM Flow and practice with other students.

You’ll go from feeling limited in your practice or stuck in your skills, to feeling inspired and confident in giving a full one hour Ayurvedic Head Massage to clients, partners, and friends.

Within 2-6 weeks, experience the benefits of offering this healing modality steeped in the wisdom of Ayurveda, to enhance your income, and bring wellbeing to yourself and others.

IHM Training
Ayurvedic Head Massage Training

Why Thousand Petal Lotus AHM Training?
Some Love from Students…

{Glynnis is a teacher not to be missed. The experience of this course is so beautiful and unique because of what she brings to it. Rich, spiritual nourishment abounds here. This training is so much more than learning the techniques of the work - There's such wisdom and heart behind it all. We students have been given a great gift which we can now offer for the rest of our lives. And Glynnis has given it with such a sense of passion and joy that I can only feel excitement to continue this journey. My first practice client was delighted by the experience, and giving a session is so sweet and rewarding. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Glynnis for a truly unforgettable experience and gift.
Thomas S.
{I've really enjoyed everything in the course so far - it's really beautiful. I have two other online courses and with going back to work I'm a little overwhelmed with all the things I've taken on but this has been my focus and I love this course more than anything that I'm doing. It's wonderful
Kerri C.
{I can't even count how many online courses or programs I have taken, especially over the last year, and your course is amazing - just beautiful - the way you've presented it all -  in such an eloquent and beautiful way, there's not a detail missed. I'm just gobsmacked by how beautifully everything is laid out. Thank you so much, I'm so happy.
Michelle C.
{Glynnis Osher is a highly skilled instructor who operates in the realm of love. She is a gifted teacher who has no doubt, perfected her craft. Glynnis's ability to teach others' this therapeutic massage in only 16 hours with such vigor, graciousness, precision and dedication illustrates her unique talent. I am grateful to have learned from such a master teacher and would recommend taking this course whether it be for self-care, as an added modality or as a fun, creative outlet for the spirit; you will be so pleased that you did. One thousand thank-you's!
Heather A.
{During my fifteen years in the spa industry, I've had the pleasure of taking many courses on various complementary modalities. But, Glynnis' Indian Head Massage class has been by far, my favourite! Glynnis' teaching style is both captivating and easy to follow, and she makes everybody in the classroom feel included and supported. Whether you're a beginner who's never massaged another, or a seasoned spa professional, I highly recommend taking this class. Thank you Glynnis, you are beautiful, a true healer who radiates love.
Chelsea J.
{I wanted to first off thank you for one of the most amazing, memorable, and grounding weekends of my life. My life will forever be changed after learning The Ayurvedic Head Massage.
Laura G.


Frequently Asked

Full Bloom
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Do I need any experience in massage or bodywork to take the Thousand Petal Lotus Ayurvedic Head Massage (TPL AHM)?

You only need the desire to learn and practice and share this amazing healing modality with others. No prior massage experience required.

How long will it take me to learn the full flow of the TPL AHM?

It depends on you and your timing. Once you have learned the full flow I suggest you do at least 10 -25 massage practice sessions before offering the massage professionally. We cover the how-to’s step-by-step in the course. 

Do I need a massage table or special chair for the TPL AHM practice?

All you need is a simple fold-up chair, information for all resources and everything you need will be covered in the course!

What does the TPL Certification give me?

After demonstrating the full flow to Glynnis either live online or by submitting a video of yourself giving the full session, you will receive feedback and then receive a beautiful certificate of completion by mail to proudly display in your space as proof of completing the training, and also a digital version by email. This is not a registered certificate by any governing body, but it gives credentials for your clients giving them confidence that you are qualified to offer this modality, and proof of accomplishment for you. You also get to use the ‘Certified by TPL’ logo in your materials along with your own branding.

Thousand Petal Lotus Love from Clients…

{Glynnis' depth of presence and energy are completely enveloping and lingering to submerse you into the timeless realm just like magic. She is a warm welcoming presence of pure love and genuine care. The music played during the session will meet you right where you are and be sure to also assist in melting away any and all stress. The ayurvedic oils are intoxicating and will have you not only smelling like a beautiful flower in full bloom, but feeling like one too! I'm not usually in the habit of great self-care but after just one session, I knew I had to see Glynnis on a biweekly basis. I remember just before my second session; it was if my hair and follicles were screaming in excited anticipation for our upcoming appointment. The gift that Glynnis delivers as she massages and lifts your scalp... it's like what you always wanted from your hairstylist but never really got. If you're fortunate enough to have an experience with her via a session or her training, it will be time very well spent taking your life and practice to an assured & distinct next level. I can confidently say and recommend Glynnis as literally, the Shaman of Ayurvedic Head Massage. A consistently exquisite experience of her and her gift is time invaluably well spent, you'll see.
Anara K.
{Thank you again for the wonderful head massage that was soo much more. I wanted to let you know how truly beneficial it was for me. Since then I have felt so much more balanced, happier and free. Though I did not show on the outside the tears I felt on the inside, something was being released and soothed. What an amazing modality in your capable blessed hands!
Amanda C.
Glynnis Osher, your teacher


The wisdom of Ayurveda and the Ayurvedic Head Massage practice has been a life-changing and joyous gift in my life. I have seen magic and ‘miracles’ in my clients and students over these past 12 years, and I am honoured and blessed to share this transformative life wisdom with you.

Glynnis Signature

About Glynnis, Your Instructor and Guide

Glynnis is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner accomplished in the art of Ayurvedic Head Massage (AHM) and Ayurvedic Aromatherapy. She brings a wealth of over 20 years experience in Ayurveda to her practice. Glynnis studied Indian Head Massage with Bliss Prema, and deepened her Indian Head Massage training with Narendra Mehta, founder of the London School of Champissage. Glynnis also studied marma (energetic touch) therapy with Dr. Vasant Lad of the Ayurvedic Institute and has created Thousand Petal Lotus, a unique Ayurvedic Head Massage training and practice, incorporating the learnings and best practices of these powerful teachings.

Glynnis practices tradition-meets-today Ayurvedic head massage (shiro-abhyanga) using specialized herbal Ayurvedic oils formulated in the Ayurvedic tradition. Their therapeutic and aromatic benefits bring an element of ancient wisdom and deeper healing to her sessions and trainings.

These exquisite oils and the blissful dance of the Ayurvedic Head Massage evoke harmony and enliven the function of the five senses, strengthening the immune system, improving the circulatory, muscular and nervous systems as well as energizing the subtle chakra system of the body, mind, and spirit. This transformation, relaxation, and recovery is experienced by giver and recipient alike making the Thousand Petal Lotus Ayurvedic Head Massage practice a desired modality in todays complex and demanding world.

Glynnis is a seasoned and skilled Creative Director, Art Director, Illustrator, graphic designer, entrepreneur, author and instructor with an 18 year career in advertising agencies and design studios in JHB, South Africa, New York City, Seattle Washington. She has been teaching Ayurvedic Head Massage, aromatherapy, Ayurvedic Self Care, and the business of branding for wellness practitioners for over 13 years at the Vancouver School of Healing Arts in Vancouver BC. Canada. Her Ayurvedic Aromatherapy company of 24 years, The Mystic Masala, was purchased in 2015 by Danielle LaPorte Inc. Glynnis created a product line of 26 products during this time, working with the Ayurvedic Women’s Collective, Wild Earth Nepal.

Glynnis has co-authored “Your Irresistible Life: 4 Seasons of Self-Care Through Ayurveda and Yoga Practices That Work.”

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