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Learn Ayurvedic Head Massage

The ultimate online training to enhance your wellness practice, and increase your prosperity as a holistic practitioner, caregiver or healing arts professional

In this exquisite training you’ll go from feeling uninspired or stuck in your skills and practice, to feeling capable and confident in giving a full one hour Ayurvedic Head Massage!

Within 2-6 weeks experience the benefits of offering this healing modality steeped in the wisdom of Ayurveda, to increase your income, and bring wellbeing to yourself and others.



Glynnis is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner accomplished in the art of Indian Head Massage (IHM). She brings a wealth of over 20 years experience in Ayurveda to her Vancouver, BC practice.

Glynnis practices ‘tradition-meets-today’ Ayurvedic head massage(shiro-abhyanga) using specialized herbal Ayurvedic oils whose therapeutic and aromatic benefits bring an element of ancient wisdom and deeper healing to her sessions and trainings.

Glynnis Osher


{Glynnis Osher is a highly skilled instructor who operates in the realm of love. She is a gifted teacher who has no doubt, perfected her craft. Glynnis's ability to teach others' this therapeutic massage in only 16 hours with such vigor, graciousness, precision and dedication illustrates her unique talent. I am grateful to have learned from such a master teacher and would recommend taking this course whether it be for self-care, as an added modality or as a fun, creative outlet for the spirit; you will be so pleased that you did. One thousand thank-you's!
Heather A.
{During my fifteen years in the spa industry, I've had the pleasure of taking many courses on various complementary modalities. But, Glynnis' Indian Head Massage class has been by far, my favourite! Glynnis' teaching style is both captivating and easy to follow, and she makes everybody in the classroom feel included and supported. Whether you're a beginner who's never massaged another, or a seasoned spa professional, I highly recommend taking this class. Thank you Glynnis, you are beautiful, a true healer who radiates love.
Chelsea J.
{I wanted to first off thank you for one of the most amazing, memorable, and grounding weekends of my life. My life will forever be changed after learning The Ayurvedic Head Massage.
Laura G.
{Glynnis is a teacher not to be missed. The experience of this course is so beautiful and unique because of what she brings to it. Rich, spiritual nourishment abounds here. This training is so much more than learning the techniques of the work - There's such wisdom and heart behind it all. We students have been given a great gift which we can now offer for the rest of our lives. And Glynnis has given it with such a sense of passion and joy that I can only feel excitement to continue this journey. My first practice client was delighted by the experience, and giving a session is so sweet and rewarding. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Glynnis for a truly unforgettable experience and gift.
Thomas S.


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