"Glynnis Osher has a delightfully warm and inviting way of presenting her Indian Head Massage training. Her classes are intimate and her teaching style is fun and encouraging. Glynnis is a warm and funny woman and her language is as sensual as the massage she practices. As her friend and assistant I have had the good fortune to be part of many Indian Head Massage workshops and have seen small groups of strangers really connect and walk away at the end of the second day inspired and blissed out. Students are paired up to practice on each other and so the weekend becomes a very nourishing and cleansing experience. The power of touch is so strong and so often neglected so the experience of Indian Head Massage is amazing in how it connects us with the same people who we would pass on the street and normally not acknowlege. Glynnis presents the Indian Head Massage theory in a very holistic way and then follows with a beautiful sequence of flowing movements which are practiced over and over again. As one student said while being massaged "I'm so happy, I can't stand it!" Whenever I participate I am reminded of how it feels to be centered, and how good it feels to look after myself. Indian Head Massage training taught by Glynnis Osher is always a weekend of handcrafted natural oils, delicious tea, nourishing nibbles, good company and AMAZING massage!"
Vanessa Lebas
"Thank you Glynnis for a wonderful experience at your warm and awesome studio Thousand Petal Lotus. I loved your Indian head massage course, your instruction was insightful and thorough. You are clearly passionate about teaching others. You packed a lot into the 15-hour course! I thought 6 people per class was perfect, as it gave you and Van, your lovely assistant, time to work with the students and practice our techniques. You exude kind, peaceful energy and your sense of humor made the experience great fun."
Marj Rutherford
“I took Glynnis’s Indian Head Massage training class and I found it thoroughly enjoyable and informative. We covered a great deal of data, but she didn’t make me feel rushed or confused. All my questions were answered with humor and grace. Glynnis also has a fabulous touch and I looked forward to the moments when she would demonstrate a move on my head and shoulders. Instant relaxation seemed to glide along my skin with her fingers. I left the class feeling exhausted, relaxed, fascinated and interested. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in massage.”
Lauren Mullen
"What an amazing weekend! Your gentle, encouraging and consistent teaching style helped the flow of learning for me immensely! I felt nurtured and supported every step of the way in learning the massage sequence, as well as being encouraged to make it my own once I master the basics. I had so much fun, I'd love to take the training with you again (or more advanced training) in the future!"
Jane Hartway
"I took my first Ayurvedic IHM training with Glynnis in 2012 and had one excuse after another as to why I wasn't practising; I took a full refresher course last weekend and no excuses this time have had 6 practice 'bookings' in one week! Glynnis is absolutely passionate about what she does and it shows in her training - she is very serious about her teaching but she doesn't take herself seriously and this is wonderful. She is playful, joyful and exuberant in her training and it made the 15 hours of training so much fun! I loved her training so much it has inspired me to go to India to become even more immersed in Ayurvedic IHM. Glynnis is a wonderful teacher!"
Jana B
"Thank you SO much Glynnis, you are an impeccably great teacher and an inspiring Goddess. I learned so much from you this weekend, wonderful moves to incorporate into my IHM routine, which means that my inten.on for the classes was fulfilled , and more. Everything from beginning to end flowed. I really feel that I got my money's worth and more.............superb ancient knowledge made accessible to our modern daily lives. Not just a massage course but a lifestyle: Ayurveda, essen.al oils/aromatherapy, self- care, increased awareness and consciousness, superior choices in life, and living your dream. I am so happy that I attended."
Deborah Buxton