Glynnis Osher

Glynnis Osher

Glynnis, a certified Ayurvedic and Indian Head Massage (IHM) Practitioner, brings a wealth of over 20 years experience in Ayurveda to her Vancouver, BC practice. Glynnis studied Indian Head Massage with Bliss Prema and her teachings continue to bring a depth of skill, love, and intuition and have had a transformative impact on Glynnis’ practice. Glynnis furthered her Indian Head Massage studies by completing the full training with Narendra Mehta, founder of the London School of Champissage.

Glynnis practices traditional Ayurvedic head massage (shirobhyanga) using herbal oils with specialized gentle deep strokes and pressure on various marma (energy) points. The special oils and various techniques bring balance and enliven the function of the five senses, strengthening the immune system, improving the circulatory, muscular and nervous systems as well as energizing the subtle chakra system of the entire body.



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Why Indian Head Massage?

The head has many marmas, or vital energy centres, and is a reflection of the entire body, thus relieving tension and rebalancing from head to toe. Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage (or Shirobhyanga) promotes rejuvenation to the whole being. The practice helps relieve insomnia, headaches and stress related disorders while boosting the immune system. This massage blissfully relaxes and balances mind body and spirit.


Benefits of IHM:

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For a one-hour Indian Head Massage appointment with Glynnis, please email glynnis@thousandpetallotus.com



Indian Head Massage Training

Glynnis is teaching Thousand Petal Lotus Indian Head massage

Inspire your Dream Career. Illuminate your Healing Skills. Enhance your income.


Next Training

Saturday/Sunday, September 8th and 9th, 2018
9am – 5:30pm

Location: YoUnlimited – 26 Bastion Square, Victoria, BC

COST = $410 (incl. taxes)

Registration includes:
* Two Ayurvedic oil to take home and use
* Certificate of Completion
* Detailed manual
* Bonus training video


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